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Terpenes are associated mainly with the effects of cannabis strains as well as the smell and flavor of cannabis strains. Terpenes are what give cannabis a strong lemony scent, or a very floral scent that reminds you of lavender. Terpenes are also associated with effects, and some terpenes make you feel more relaxed and sedated …

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We have gotten in quite a wide selection of excellent quality product this week! From topshelf concentrates to extra-frosty buds, we definitely are feeling spoiled right now with all this good stuff.   Sunset Sherbet Cartridge – Harmony Farms   This cartridge is perfect for that person that loves to hit the vape and get an …

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CBD and THC | Marijuana Mart WA

“Would you like CBD or THC?” I am positive that more than one person has been asked this question when requesting marijuana for myriad uses, including help with sleep and pain relief. As marijuana legalization pushes forward, clinical research has enabled consumers to learn more about different parts of the cannabis plant, not just the …

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