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Happy New Year everyone! 2017 is bound to be a great year and we look forward to spending it with you. We have some killer new products we think you should definitely check out to get your year started right.


Pink Cookies by Private Reserve

Pink Cookies - Private Reserve

This Pink Cookies by Private Reserve (NWCS’ topshelf line) is a new staff favorite…

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The Beginner’s Guide to Edibles in Washington State

Have you been thinking about trying infused edibles but are unsure of where to start? Look no further, because here is your Washington state edibles primer!

The first question your budtender should ask you is what your past experience with edibles is. Many people have had a cookie or a brownie that a friend made, or have had high-potency edibles from medical dispensaries. In Washington State, 10 milligrams of THC…

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New Year’s Eve Must-Haves: 2016 Edition

Do you have big plans to ring in 2017? Make sure you get stocked up on the necessities to make sure your night goes off without a hitch! The below products are divided into two sections: excellent products for the night of New Year’s Eve, and excellent products to prevent your hangover from ruining the first day of 2017.

The Night of NYE:


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We have gotten a plethora of new product in this week, especially concentrates! We got in new flower shipments from Wow! Weed, and concentrates from Dab Dudes/Hi Guys and Phat Panda. Check out our menu for pricing and potencies!


Super Lemon Haze – Rogue Raven Farms

This Sativa-dominant hybrid from Rogue Raven is perfect with a cup of coffee to start your day. This citrusy delight offers uplifting, focused effects with…

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Indica, Sativa, Hybrid: What’s the Difference?

Many of us can remember the days when we did not have a choice of what kind of weed we wanted to smoke. But with the boom of modern legal marijuana shops, we now can fine-tune our tastes to reach that perfect high. Often, the way that budtenders attempt to understand what high someone is seeking by asking, “Indica, Hybrid, or Sativa?” While many people will know what type…

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What are Terpenes and Why Should I Care?

Terpenes are associated mainly with the effects of cannabis strains as well as the smell and flavor of cannabis strains. Terpenes are what give cannabis a strong lemony scent, or a very floral scent that reminds you of lavender. Terpenes are also associated with effects, and some terpenes make you feel more relaxed and sedated while some terpenes have exceptionally uplifting effects. Understanding different terpenes can help you further…

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We have gotten in quite a wide selection of excellent quality product this week! From topshelf concentrates to extra-frosty buds, we definitely are feeling spoiled right now with all this good stuff.


Sunset Sherbet Cartridge – Harmony Farms



This cartridge is perfect for that person that loves to hit the vape and get an immediate heavy high that is not too sleepy, and not…

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CBD and THC | Marijuana Mart WA

CBD and THC: What’s All the Hooplah?

20150716_153734“Would you like CBD or THC?” I am positive that more than one person has been asked this question when requesting marijuana for myriad uses, including help with sleep and pain relief. As marijuana legalization pushes forward, clinical research has enabled consumers to learn more about different parts of the cannabis plant, not just the stuff that gets you high. The…

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Marijuana Mart Wa | Washington Dispensary

What’s Hot This Week at Marijuana Mart!

Holy smokes! We have recently stocked up on some really exciting stuff for our customers and we are really excited to show them off. These are just a select few items we are currently carrying that we believe to be extra-special and worth checking out while they are in stock.

Quantum Kush – Wow! Weed

  • Quantum Kush is a delightful, sungrown sativa that will punch you in the face if…
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Marijuana Mart Video Tour


Thanks Weedmaps for putting together this great video tour.


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