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How to shop for weed.

With the legalization of cannabis, an unexpected issue has arisen. SO. MANY. CHOICES. Not only do you have a plethora of brands to choose from, those brands have dozens of strains. Quality and effect can vary wildly.

One of the first questions you need to ask yourself is, what are you trying to achieve with cannabis. Is it a river day? I…

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 Budtenders still have a stigma of stoner culture and that’s ok because we don’t deny our roots. We all have stories about some ridiculous thing we invented just to be able to smoke a bowl. I think we all embrace those roots to some degree, but cannabis is changing.

Without taking anything from the incredibly skilled efforts of producers and processors, Budtenders…

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Diaries of a Budtender by Robert Wasmund

Friendship is the best Helping Hand

Budtenders are often overlooked as just stoners that can keep a job. We are often dismissed as glorified cashiers. There are times in my job that I would agree with that, but there are moments that define why I…

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Bud Tender 101 by Rachel Grimsley

This is Bud Tender 101, here to give you some of the necessary know-how to bring your best to bud tending. If you aren’t interested in working in the industry, this information will be helpful for your shopping and consuming experience. Recreational stores in legal states offer a variety of products that range from classic flower to baked…

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Boxes of Joints are back in stock at the Mart!

10-pack joints are back in stock from Hi Guys!

Stop in and check out the selection of “The Working Mans Weed”, with a convenient box to take with you anywhere, you’ll never be without a smoke!

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Final Stocking Stuffers Down at the Mart!

We’ve got all your last minute stocking stuffers down here off of exit 88 at Marijuana Mart! If you’re looking for your last minute holiday essentials than look no further!

Welcoming one of our newest vendors here at the shop, we’ve added Green Vault to our stellar list! Currently in stock is their Wounded Warrior and Cashy’s Honey!

Stop by Christmas Eve until 6pm!

Wishing you a safe and Merry Cannabis this…

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If you’re looking for a tasty treat that goes down smooth, look no further! Happy Apple is a THC infused apple cider that packs a potent punch along with a delicious flavor!

We currently carry 10mg and 100mg bottles! Stop by 7 days a week and grab one for yourself!

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Holiday ready down at the Mart!

We’ve been working hard here down at the Mart to get our ounce tree back up! We’re in the holiday spirit with the best stocking stuffers around!

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Oil and Flower.. a “Bowl-in-One”

Looking to mix up your smoking routine? Stop by and check out Green Brothers Farms distillate in stock now!! Mix it into your bowl, dab some or take an awesome photo-shoot!

We’ve got all your essentials down here at the Mart!! Stop by 7 days a week and visit with our staff!

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Mini-Popcorn Buds are all the Rage here at the Mart!

Are you looking for the latest and greatest buds out there? Well look no further! Artizen popcorn buds are all the rage around the shop! These 7-gram bags are budget friendly, and get your mind elevated!! With the perfect mini size ready to pop right into your bowl these baby buds make your life a little easier! Stop by 7 days a week and check out some for yourself!

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