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Welcome to Marijuana Mart in Longview, and in Grand Mound. Located in beautiful South West Washington State, we’re a licensed recreational marijuana retailer. No medical card is needed with just a current valid ID. Our goal is to provide an enjoyable experience. We accomplish that with a friendly, and knowledgeable staff; quality cannabis, honest fair prices, a sasquatch bench, and a dash of love and understanding! New to legal pot? Cannabis can be scary, you might be afraid of being cheated or having a frustrating experience!

Our guests have come to know the comforting, quick, clearly presented experience we offer as a legal marijuana retailer. We treat everyone that comes through our door as a guest; and not merely a customer. We strive to show respect, listen to your needs, and let you guide us as much as we guide you to the perfect purchase.

Thank you for checking us out!!! We’re conveniently located! Click on Rochester or Longview Maps, or the Hours Page for more info.

The inside of our retail location is bright and open! No crowding! Fast, streamlined service for all your canna-needs!
Marijuana Mart in Longview WA, Quick drive from Vancouver WA, and Convenient for Castlerock supply commuters! We have open area streamlined services, get quality service without sacrificing speed by stopping by Marijuana Mart in Longview for all your refined Cannabis needs.